One Day

Making new friends as an adult is hard,

Moving across the country has left me quite scarred.

I don’t think I’ll meet anyone like my childhood friends again,

I often wonder if I stayed what could have been.

I don’t know why but I felt like I just had to get away;

Hopefully one day I will find a place where I truly want to stay,

Then maybe I won’t feel lonely all throughout the day.



The Dark Passenger

The dark passenger has travelled with me

For as long as I can remember.

Most of the time, the dark passenger rides shotgun-

But every now and then, it takes a liking to the driver’s seat.

Constricted blood flow, dilated pupils, flushed face;

The dark passenger is going to force me to say something

That I can never take back.



Forrest Fable

I walk into the dark and musky woods, lightly stepping onto pieces of broken bark,

As to not make a sound.

Colours of emerald, walnut, and cedar entice me.

But only for a moment.

I want to call your name, but I know even if I scream, I will not be heard.

So I walk further into the darkness.

The movement of the crisp fall wind,

And humming babel from creatures of the night make for an artless symphony.

The temperature reaches below zero, and my cheeks flush crimson.

Yet, I still walk further into the darkness.

I glance up at the starry night sky.

The ageless silver crescent moon pulls me forward.

So I walk further into the darkness.

By the time I realize I’ve travelled too far, it’s already over.

I’m never coming home.


Goats in Trees

‘No I never wanted to be like them, I thought I was just too clever to be brought down to their level of misfortune chagrin. I don’t care now what it’s worth, but if you lift this burden off my back I’ll follow you to the bloody end.’

– Foster the People

Foster The People.jpg